one of two single-channel videos
phone I: 1589 PNGs, 03:42 mp4
The transformation of the image in the sequences is the visualization of a process.
A screenshot of the 1991 installation "UNTITLED" (PERFECT LOVERS) by artist Félix González-Torres was sequenced on a cell phone that was the site of a disjointed, long-distance love affair. The sequencing was done by taking consecutive screenshots of the original image, until the digital drift stopped transforming the image. The transformation that occurs is specific to this cell phone and reveals the different ways in which the device captures or interprets what it displays.

By using this device as the site to create a mise en abyme of Félix González-Torres' 'endless' artwork about perfect lovers, the clocks' synchronized, perpetual motion is diverted into a perpendicular durational cul-de-sac of repetition that breaks down the clarity of the image and replaces the infinity of clock-time with an obscure countdown.