‘HER’  (black text on white) 198 pages / ‘HIM’ (white text on black) 56 pages, inkjet print on biotop. Double cover back-to-back stack bound with metal pins. Forthcoming on Dark Editions (2021)

A hybrid visual poem in two parts, HER | HIM consist of two growing lists of every English word I know containing each letter of the word ‘her’ and ‘him’.

on the idea that language is a parasitic or alien life form that uses us to propagate itself, as well as on the feedback loop between language and the self as territories of belonging and exile, the lists are an example of the curious (im)possibility of translation and the fragmented self that arises from it. The more languages one understands well enough to lay them side by side, the more elusive the reflection of the self in them becomes.
I grew up speaking Hungarian first, and learnt other languages after moving to the Netherlands when I was still a child. One of the things that struck me was the use of 'she' and 'he' in different languages. These pronouns do not exist in Hungarian, only a gender neutral third-person singular pronoun. These lists are a way to reflect on the self through words that belong to me, as well as questioning the dynamic and limits of belonging to words.

The lists can be read as poems, the spreads as diptychs and single pages as words. As a stack, the lists consist of prints that can be removed from the book.