03.04.2021 online performance and workshop by the Interactions Group for the Blend and Bleed online symposium on Transreality and Pervasive Play
participants: Orion Maxted, Renske Vroomans, Izabelė Jonušaitė, Esmee Geerken, Enrico Sandro Collizzi, Sára Iványi, Mirko Lazović, and Andrew Wass

“The Wonder Machine,” a game that generates wonderment, derives from overlapping themes between art and science. In this compacted, systematized form of conversation, each agent speaks in turn, beginning with the phrase “I wonder…” to express their current state of curiosity. From this rhythmic expression of wonder and doubt, a web of connected intuitions emerges.

The Interactions is an transdisciplinary ‘thought band’ of roughly 20 artists, scientists and philosophers who together explore the weird and wonderful folds in the dimensions of all possible collective thought through playful experiments that distribute thinking across many people and embrace emergence at the level of the collective mind, to experience what new hybrid forms of thought may be generated by studying and intervening in multi-individual thinking networks, and collective human algorithms.

The Interactions is a nomadic autonomous group supported by the Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Amsterdam, and Center Leo Apostle, Vrije Universiteit, Brussels.
Present contributors include: Orion Maxted (artist fellow IAS 2019–20), Renske Vroomans (evolutionary biologist), Izabelė Jonušaitė (cognitive scientist, philosopher, and PhD researcher), Esmee Geerken (artist fellow IAS 2020–21), Enrico Sandro Collizzi (evolutionary biologist), Sára Iványi (poet and visual artist), Mirko Lazović (visual artist), and Andrew Wass (choreographer). Other regular contributors include: Marie Groothof, Cadell Last, Roland Kupers, Carina Erdmann, Marielle Pelissero.