video: performance starts at 39:00
15.04.2021 online performance by the Interactions Group for the Building as being online symposium by Esmee Geerken and 
participants: Orion Maxted, Renske Vroomans, Izabelė Jonušaitė, Esmee Geerken, Enrico Sandro Collizzi, Sára Iványi and Mirko Lazović.

By Esmee Geerken:
“How does self-organization shape the individual and collective human mind? Can we allow entropy and emergence in our collective thinking and how would this affect our building strategies and our ability to be part of the biosphere?

Prof. Dr. Brian Castellani, Sociology department, Durham University, UK and Psychiatry department, Northeast Ohio Medical University, US.
Rethinking cognitive self-organisation – from cells to minds and society. For this talk, Brian will focus on the role cognitive self-organisation plays in our human lives – from the nonconscious cognition of our human cells and immune systems to our multiple levels of brain-based cognition to the social-ecological and cyber-technical cognitive systems in which we live.

Followed by Orion Maxted and the Interactions group with a collective mind performance.” 

The Interactions is a nomadic autonomous group supported by the Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Amsterdam, and Center Leo Apostle, Vrije Universiteit, Brussels. Present contributors include: Orion Maxted (artist fellow IAS 2019–20), Renske Vroomans (evolutionary biologist), Izabelė Jonušaitė (cognitive scientist, philosopher, and PhD researcher), Esmee Geerken (artist fellow IAS 2020–21), Enrico Sandro Collizzi (evolutionary biologist), Sára Iványi (poet and visual artist), Mirko Lazović (visual artist), and Andrew Wass (choreographer). Other regular contributors include: Marie Groothof, Cadell Last, Roland Kupers, Carina Erdmann, Marielle Pelissero.