four beamers, four gif-loop, commissioned by in hard//hoofd
The gif loops respectively show every picture I collected in a day, week, month and year in 2014. The more layers in a gif, the smaller the hole, the last one having 946 layers, which is every image I collected that year. The more pictures, the smaller I made the hole to control the size of the gif-file by covering up more of the image. Once I had done this, the shrinking hole became a representation of how the memory focuses on details to remember hundreds of impressions.

Each loop is projected onto a surface from four beamers to create a site-specific installation. The angle of the projection depends on the position of the beamer in relation to the projection-surface and creates an oblique distortion of the picture plane. The beamers become part of the installation as the oblique picture plane introduces outside perspective to the images.